Peter Taylor: Complete Stories

Edited by Ann Beattie
published in 2 volumes
by Library of America

Peter Taylor in an antiques store, 1980s

Not quite sure what Peter Matthew Hillsman Taylor (1917–1994) would have thought of social media — he was not overly fond of, you know, machines — but he loved being social.  So here is a digital gathering of information about him, his fiction and about fiction writer Ann Beattie, who edited the new publication of his stories from Library of America.

Box set of Peter Taylor: the Complete Stories

Peter Taylor won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1987 for his novel A Summons to Memphis.  He wrote two other novels: A Woman of Means (1950) and In the Tennessee Country (1994), as well as three books of plays.  However, he was most known, at least among other writers, for his short stories.  He wrote about what he knew: Tennessee and other parts of the American South, largely in the early-to-mid twentieth century.  As story tellers should be, he was a great listener, and he surprised people with how much he knew about all the different parts of this world.

I am his son, Ross Taylor.  I live in the Washington, DC, area with my family.  I will be updating the Calendar of Events page with information about readings, conferences, bookstore appearances and other happenings related to this book, my father’s work in general and editor Ann Beattie.  I will also update the Press page with reviews, articles, interviews and blog posts that are relevant.  Finally I hope to add lots of images and even some scanned letters and other documents on the Posts page.  This is meant to be a source of reliable, fairly comprehensive information about the Library of America volumes, but in some ways it is also my fan page for my father and Ms. Beattie.  And I’m a big fan.

Peter Taylor and Ann Beattie, Taylor back yard, Key West FL, 1980s