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pt012 pmht bow tie old typwriter - peter & yaddo
Peter Taylor (Courtesy of Taylor estate)
ptgp002 rt pmht kbt in gun lake MI -
Taylor family (Courtesy of Taylor estate)

Left to right: your blogger; my father, Peter Taylor; my sister, Katie Taylor.  In fictionalized form, Katie was featured in the story “Je Suis Perdu,” which was written probably a couple of years before this picture was taken (the story came out in 1958).  Absent from picture: my mother, Eleanor Ross Taylor (she didn’t swim).

pmht & ert
Peter Taylor and poet Eleanor Ross Taylor (Courtesy of Taylor estate)

A Few Friends and Family – More to Come



hillsman and katherine taylor01

Peter Taylor’s parents, Hillsman and Katherine Taylor, in 1958.


rlt002 bob taylor

His older brother, Robert, in 1943.


sf01 sally on couch gambier

Sally Taylor Fitzhugh, one of his two older sisters, in 1959.


tom white circa 1960s

Dr. Tom White, on clarinet, second from right, a loyal friend of his youth in Memphis, circa the late 1960s.


ptgp003 pmht steve ross by stephanie gross 1994 -

Peter Taylor and Director Steven J. Ross, whose film of “The Old Forest” appeared on Arts and Entertainment Network with Taylor as voice-over narrator.


ptgp006 pmht dr crampton

Peter Taylor and Dr. Dick Crampton, heart doctor and friend, to whom In the Miro District was dedicated “in appreciation for an extension of time.”