Small section on Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell with long grey hair and suit and tie in wooded graveyard 1970s
Robert Lowell [Massachusetts? 1974?] – Courtesy Taylor family collection
My father met poet Robert Lowell as a student at Kenyon, and generally spoke of him as his best friend.  They certainly lived very different kinds of lives.  I hope to add a few more thoughtful (and/or researched) notes here, but for now, in honor of his birthday, here are a few pictures.  Any notes are based on my mother’s writing on the back of the photo.

Robert Lowell in his 20s in suit and tie 1930s
Robert Lowell at Kenyon – Courtesy Taylor family collection
Peter Taylor in army uniform Robert Lowell in suite and tie James Waller in army uniform 1940s
2 soldiers and a peacenik – Peter Taylor, Robert Lowell, James Waller 1944? Ft. Oglethorpe, GA? – Courtesy Taylor family collection
young Robert Lowell in a chair in the woods looking angry 1940s
Lowell at Damariscotta Mills, ME 1946 – Courtesy Taylor family collection
people at a party with young Robert Lowell not engaging
Lowell, 2nd from right, at Robie & Anne Macauley wedding 1948 – Courtesy Taylor family collection
Jean Stafford in her 20s glamorous photo
Jean Stafford 1937, later to be Lowell’s 1st wife – Courtesy Taylor family collection
Lowell on floor with baby
Lowell and daughter Harriet 1957 – Courtesy Taylor family collection
7 yr old Ross Taylor shooting Harriet with toy machine gun while her parents watch
Lowell, wife Elizabeth Hardwick, daughter Harriet and (uhlp!) Ross Taylor – Courtesy Taylor family collection

The above may be the only photograph of me and Robert Lowell.  Harriet & I both grew up to be Rolling Stones fans.  In a few days I will be marching in DC for #NeverAgain and gun control.  I have done volunteer work for NOW, my daughter is a scientist and my wife does important government work.  But there is the photo.  Christmas day, 1961, Columbus, Ohio, America.

Peter Taylor Mentioned in Reading by Strange New England Poet

From the 1948 Daily Iowan (student newspaper):

Newpaper article Lowell Reads Death Poetry To Audience